This is

DJ Charles Davel

Hey! Thanks for being here, I hope you enjoy your lurk. My name is Charles Davel (pronounced duh-VEL) but you can call me DJ DavelHouse, or just Davel – I’m not that picky 🙂

I taught myself how to DJ a couple years ago during the pandemic, after being inspired watching some awesome DJs on Twitch. I grew up being super musical, performing on stages for, really, my whole childhood. I thought I was going to perform on Broadway after college, but I fell in love with California, and ended up starting a web design business. Now, I’m DJing on the side.

What inspires me the most about DJing is that (if the vibe is just right), our bodies just automatically start moving and I absolutely love to find those grooves, vibes, and beats that make your body want to move. Follow me on Twitch to watch and hang out with me in my live DJ sets!